Friday, December 18, 2015

High Life Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy!

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Tribute Tuesday

Today's Tuesday tribute is to Windell Middlebrooks, the unofficial ambassador of High Life beer. He was taken way too early in life but his spirit lives on. Rest in peace Windell.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Piece of the High Life

Ok, Miller Beer came up with this really cool promotion for High Life beer. It's called "Give a Veteran a Piece of the High Life."  For every High Life cap or tab you drop off at select retailers or mail in, Miller will donate 10-cents toward High Life Experiences for returning vets. Up to a million dollars will go toward paying soldiers' way into sports events, concerts, outdoor adventures and more.
To find out more go to  and be sure and grab yourself an ice cold High Life while your at it. In case you didn't know, this is simply good beer at a fair price. Nothing more, and certainly nothing less. And while folks could probably find a few other beers out there, they're going to drain a lot of hard-earned jack from their bank accounts figuring out what you already know: it doesn't cost a lot to live the High Life, it just takes some good old fashion common sense because the High Life's always been a mighty fine life to live.

For all you purveyors of fine 80's music, I also updated the High Life Radio located at the bottom of the page. Crack open a High Life and crank up the music!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Champagne of Beers

Are you living the high life? That's what this blog is all about, Miller High Life, which just happens to be my favorite beer. My dad was a Coors man and I think before that it was Olympia. I'll drink a Silver Bullet now and then, but prior to High Life, my main beer was MGD. I never liked Budwiser and wasn't too fond of the imports, unless it was a Fosters Lager. By chance discovery, I was turned on to what I think is the perfect beer. You see, living the high life is all about enjoying a quality beer at a fair price. Go ahead, take a good look at the 12 pack prices next time your at the grocery store. High Life has always been a heck of a bargain. This beer almost has a cult-like following, not to mention a long history. Plus, have you seen some of the cool High Life stuff?

Check out this way cool High Life Chopper.

Feel like rockin out? How about a High Life guitar?

High Life is a man's beer, no young punks need apply. It's all about aquired taste and not worrying about holding some designer beer bottle. I have to credit Eddie, my brother-in-law, for opening my eyes to the High Life. Eddie was living the high life way before me and seemed to know that I was the type of guy that could appreciate a good beer. It was shortly after my introduction to Miller High Life that I begin to discover how unique this beer is. For a beer that use to be available just about everywhere, it was not that easy to find. I remember the first time I asked for it at a bar. The bartender looked at me like I had asked him for pig's blood or something. In restaurants, I learned not to ask for a Miller High Life, because I would always get a Miller Lite. Now, I just ask if they have High Life and then wait for the inevitable response of "what's that?", "is that new?" or "we don't have imports".

Is this a welcome sign or what? If your local bar has this sign then consider yourself lucky.

High Life drinkers seem more like a band of brothers then just "beer buddies". We all know we have discovered the high life and quite possibly that last beer brand we will ever drink. Sure, we won't turn down the occasional free beer, even if it's a Budwiser, but our mainstay beer will always be Miller High Life. Sometimes High Life drinkers are on their own, as fellow connoisseurs seem to be few and far between. Just when I thought I was the only one at my work that drank High Life, I discovered that my boss John was a fellow high lifer. John was just not any High Life drinker either, he was almost fanatical about it. Now that's my type of High Life drinker. He was responsible for me starting my breweriana collection also. John had some cool vintage High Life signs in his garage, and as soon as I saw them I was hooked. I just had to have my own. Shortly after I begin to discover all the cool stuff Miller use to make to promote their High Life beer.

I feel like a pitcher right about now.

How about a die-cast Mack truck? This thing is heavy and huge.

Can anyone guess what time it is? If you said beer o'clock, you would be close. It's Miller time!
In case you haven't heard, High Life is making a come back. Miller has a whole new series of commercials, some of which can be seen in the youtube video bar at the upper right of this page. They also are making history by purchasing the first ever one second only commercials during this years Super Bowl game. Can a one second ad be effective? I guess only time will tell, but if history is any indication, a lot of people will watch those one second spots, and some may just discover The High Life.